Our Process

The Engagement Process

During the Engagement Process J&T Technology Solutions key personnel and subject matter experts will meet with you and determine your needs.

At J&T Technology Solutions we take the necessary time to understand your project, determine your requirements and identify your needs and craft a solution tailored to your business or operations goals and objectives.

The path forward

Once we have all agreed on the project’s requirements, then your J&T Technology Solutions team really takes action: procuring the assets to meet those requirements followed up with a carefully managed step-by-step implementation process and executing spot-on to your needs.

beyond the sale

But it doesn’t end there! J&T Technology Solutions continues to work through the details, delivering success above and beyond your expectations. At J&T Technology Solutions we don’t “sell-and-go,” we remain invested in your needs – onward and upward as you move forward and grow. We don’t succeed if you fail, and we won’t fail so you will succeed.


We *Keep It Simple*! We start by comparing the industry best practices against your current processes. Then, with you, we decide on the optimal approach for utilizing the new operations or business system. We bring a baseline solution pre-configured for your industry which saves time and money. We kick off the project with a series of meetings that we use to name the team, agree on the timeline by module and set key deliverable dates.


Operational efficiencies, balanced with advanced technologies.