C-Level Executive Services

Your growing as a company and need additional C Level leadership but you are not ready to have a COO, CFO, CTO or CIO onboard full time just yet.

J&T Technology Solutions offers a unique approach, a COO, CFO, CTO or CIO “on-demand.”

Pay for their expertise when you need them: once, twice, three, four times or more a month, you decide.

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What we offer

We offer a unique opportunity for the Small to Medium sized business that is suddenly experiencing growth.  Growth is great but it also comes at a cost. As your company grows, you will eventually need to staff your C-Suite, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, etc… but right now, perhaps that expense is just too much and maybe you don’t need them full time.

J&T Technology Solutions has an expert panel of C-Level Executives available at your disposition when you need them. They are available to you to consult and advise and help your business grow. 

a custom tailored plan

We have over 75 years of combined consultancy experience in leading companies like yours and we strive to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain.

We understand that nothing is more important than growing your business and keeping your costs down.

We will custom tailor a C-Level solution that will fit your budget, providing you an Executive when you need them the most.

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